EDMS – Electronic Data Management System

EDMS or Electronic Data/Document Management System: the first step

In the fields of engineering, construction and property management, 80% of circulating information is materialised in the form of documents. Managing this documentation in highly diversified formats is therefore the first step in managing the knowledge of infrastructures and projects : drafting, modifying, sharing the documents with total consistency and reliability.

A document is more than simply an electronic file : it is the container—i.e., the documentation info record with identification data, and the content itself— i.e., the computerised content files (AutoCAD, word processing, photos, videos, etc.), must be both differentiated and linked together.

To accomplish the first step, our software proposes a central repository with all the functions of EDMS software (Electronic Document/Data Management System) :

  • Centralise and organise all documents in any format
  • Trace the history of all documents
  • Organise exchange flows
  • Ensure internal and external confidentiality
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of documents
  • Handle versioning, revision and status
  • Access documents by searching for text, classification orders or document features
  • View through viewers adapted to each format
  • Annotate documents without altering them, ensure traceability and follow-up of annotations
  • Declare, classify, qualify and trace follow-up of observations
  • Control cycles of validation, rereading, approval and distribution
  • Manage alerts and subscriptions
EDMS : look beyond Electronic Document Management System

TDMS : the second step

Successful engineering projects require going beyond managing data in document form to access a vaster and finer breakdown of information to identify data pertaining to facilities, infrastructures and projects.

The data modelling in our software is flexible, to adapt to the company’s needs and expand going forward to accommodate new needs. It manages all type of objects and articles, as well as sheets and fields related to them. As it does for documents, our software structures and manages data lifecycles, especially their evolution over time. In particular, it can manage successive versions and ensure traceability of modifications.

Each type of article can have its own lifecycle, take its own different forms and use its own associated processes.

Documents and data can be created in-house, be easily imported and be organised in complex virtual repertories to be managed in actual tree structures or “configurations”. Moreover, for efficient management of data and documents, information is carefully controlled by a right-of-access system depending not only on the user, but also the status of the article over its lifecycle.

EDMS software and TDMS at work to produce documentation

With its automated document generation tools and links with the most utilised office hardware and design software, our IT solution for data and document management accelerates and organises your document production.

Smoothly integrated into Word and Excel, Microsoft Office links can easily create and edit documents from validated models and file them directly in the central data repository. This gives you excellent consistency and efficient document sharing, especially for heavy data volumes.

Available AutoCAD and Microstation links in our software gives Autodesk AutoCAD and Microstation users a real management and integration tool, easily and without duplication, for all data generated with CAD and stored in the central repository.

Using templates ensures document consistency, beginning from letterheads, titles, and information, that can be sourced from the centralised database:

  • Two-way link between fields in the drawing or document and PLM data
  • Centralised management for Office and CAD documents
  • Access to search database functions via office and CAD tools
  • Management of Office and CAD templates
  • Management of external document references and Xrefs for CAD documents
EDMS software

Going beyond EDMS and TDMS

Our solution makes it possible to preserve a consistent overall environment and to work with everyday tools with its the PLM software. The data and document management software avoids double data entries, lost time and possible errors, making document production that much easier.

In engineering projects, however, you manage not just the documents but their lifecycles, flows, signatures and modifications. EDM software is quickly saturated. It cannot manage automated file transmission efficiently, nor drawing collections, contractual deadlines, milestones, accident liability, applicability and so on.

This is why our software contains several complementary technological bricks in addition to EDM and TDMS, to propose a comprehensive solution for managing documents and data in engineering projects:

Electronic data management software