Processes and Business Process Management (BPM)

Managing processes and workflows

thinkproject France’s technology associates workflow and task management to guide critical information through a process with complete traceability, reliability and full reporting systems. Business Process Management (BPM) software at thinkproject France PLM develops adaptable rules and simplifies access to the data repository.

BPM optimises sharing information within your company and with outside partners by automating your procedures and critical activities :

  • Work interface adapted to fit every user’s needs
  • Application based on your graphics chart
  • Guaranteed adaptable to rules by business role
  • Traceability of all decisions made
  • Facilitated integration of outside providers
% of document flows
in companies are in electronic form
% time savings
in critical procedures by automating tasks with no added value

Project management and BPM: structure teamed with flexibility

Quality procedures require rigidity, but the means deployed at every stage are not necessarily made of stone. To meet this need for fixed and robust processes whilst offering a certain flexibility and leeway for those in charge, thinkproject France proposes two complementary  technologies:

  • Workflow technology which structures the steps in the form of a flow chart with data entry forms to capture the necessary information. Integrating it into the repository ensures updating, traceability and integrity of the data. More, the persons in charge of performing the actions are automatically assigned to the tasks they perform. This technology guarantees the necessary stability and traceability of critical processes.

Task management technology makes it possible to define and sequence a series of tasks and warnings relating to projects, products, documents (contract, reports, etc.) and to trace the progression in Gantt chart form. Above all it is simple and pragmatic: the task sequences are designed from models that can be adapted by the key person to fit the project profile. The technology offers flexibility associated with the idea of a sub-process.

Complementary workflow technologies to serve your business

  • By linking these two technologies instead of opposing them, your project management benefits from each one’s advantages : solidity, traceability and compliance with the procedure assigned for key stages, with flexibility and adaptability when it facilitates the work of project teams whilst capitalising on professional expertise

  • With thinkproject France process management, you work methods become more structured, less repetitive and faster.
  • To better respond to the imperatives of each business segment, thinkproject France proposes a series of tailored business process approaches. The workflow tool also enables you to configure and create specific processes adaptable to your needs and limitations