thinkproject France PLM technology

thinkproject France provides a highly-flexible PLM technology platform which can be configured to manage the synchronisation of practically any form of complex information with almost any business process. As projects, documents, configurations, or products evolve, maintaining a coherent “single version of the truth” is critical to performing gap assessments and impact analysis, as well as making key business decisions in the most efficient and effective manner.

thinkproject France PLM technology approach is not only design-focused but also enables business process and information management across the entire internal and external stakeholder community, reducing costs, cycle-time, and risk. In addition, because of its Microsoft-centric design, thinkproject France PLM technology can deploy its solutions in several months instead of several years and with far few resources compared to systems offering functionality.

With the innovative PLM technology, thinkproject France is able to package vertical markets applications that share the same DNA.


A unique technology to manage information

Businesses in many sectors face:

  • Complex processes, data, and integration requirements
  • A need to optimise investments, infrastructure and assets
  • Considerable risks or regulations
  • High degree of change

Proper collaboration implies allowing people to share information electronically everywhere on earth, yet securely. Headquarters and subsidiaries must be able to access and input data and documents easily wherever they are, at any moment.
Mobility is also gaining ground. More and more people and businesses use smartphones and tablets to access information.
thinkproject France solution provides a full-web solution with responsive design interface to users to access the software from anywhere on any device.

thinkproject France PLM technology pillars

  • Knowledge base
    Single version of the truth , data and document control
  • Processes
    Effective collaboration

  • Reports
    Precise management metrics/statistics