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Project lifecycle management Solution

think project! France to improve Project life cycle management think project! France! - Project Lifecycle Management is a unique business... Read more »

Contract lifecycle management Solution

Contract management and contract lifecycle management Companies can often have limited oversight of their overall customer contracting process. Individual departments... Read more »

Infrastructure management Solution

think project! France for effective infrastructure lifecycle management Proactive and timely infrastructure and facility maintenance is critical to maximizing return... Read more »

Success stories

Lascom PLM solution for all Eli/Lilly European factories

Leading drug manufacturer Eli/Lilly has chosen LASCOM’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) suite, Lascom PLM solution to manage engineering drawings of its pharmaceutical... Read more »

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EDMS, PLM and DMS for major infrastructure projects: return on experience

A few years ago, EDM (electronic data management) was considered as a necessary evil to share data within construction projects... Read more »

Guide: Optimisation of information flows in EPC and Construction projects

Information flows management in EPC and Construction projects Engineering companies and project owners manage projects involving an increasing quantity of... Read more »

PLM evolves

When productivity is not enough to drive companies margins anymore Challenges change, so does PLM. PLM evolves to overtake standard... Read more »