Reporting and Project Management

Business Intelligence for managing projects

Once the company’s information is structured in the data repository, reports, dashboards and performance indicators will be the essential tools to optimise the database, consolidate information and offer an appropriate view for each division and level of accountability.

thinkproject France proposes PLM reporting and Business Intelligence tools to access the data and transform it into useful information with interactive and flexible reports. The company then has an overall vision of all projects and key information.

Built to enhance performance, these reports and indicators consolidate data to give the company better visibility on its operations. Dynamic business indicators underpin the company’s decision making and strategic orientations.

By providing the most sought-after information in a reliable and secure web function, these performance indicators and reports form the foundation of a large-scale Business Intelligence (BI) strategy, to ensure efficient project management.

Dynamic Business Intelligence tool accessible for all users

Levels of Business Intelligence for every need

Although the great majority of company staff members can use dashboards and performance indicators, user needs and accessible information are tailored specifically to match job profiles and levels of responsibility. To ensure this adaptability and flexibility, thinkproject France has devised reporting levels for each task :

  • The first level gives access to charts to track query results and report on actions of all sorts carried out with the application
  • The second level accesses the repository to make reports and charts using Excel  tools
  • The third level uses thinkproject France PLM’s query tool to draft reports for exporting to Reporting Services
  • On the fourth level, thinkproject France Dashboard can develop quick and user-friendly indicators with integrated ACCESS Insight, for a clear view of the business and key data

Another function enables users to generate documents with thinkproject France PLM.

Examples of project indicators to be made intuitively :

  • Compliance follow-up
  • Comparison of basic materials
  • Providers’ delivery times
  • Document summaries by status
  • Number of indicators before validation

A dynamic Business Intelligence tool accessible for all users

  • Key data for your company is structured and presented in dashboard form and via performance indicators with diagrams, charts or maps.
  • The easy-to-analyse information makes it possible for users to perform a detailed analysis and take fully-informed strategic decisions.
  • User-friendly technology enables you to create interactive dashboards intuitively, directly through the web interface.