Traceability and due-date follow-up


To ensure complete traceability, each version of a document has to be tracked. A document includes data, attached files, reviews/comments, approvals and distribution flows. Checking this tracking and comparing versions make the document changes easier to understand.

In an engineering project, due-dates and answer time are often contractual. If not observed, penalties can apply.

Provisional planning follow-up

To ensure the main project planning, sub-contractors must observe their own planning to finish each part of the project by the due-date. This is called “provisional planning”.

Provisional planning describes precisely when sub-contractors distribute documents and finish projects parts. Management teams and clients follow-up the project advancement with provisional planning and compare them to actual realization.

The data repository assists teams with :

  • Sub-contractors’ contract due-dates observance with alerts implementation
  • Secure due-dates and sum-up delays

Reporting tools

In engineering projects, a huge volume of documents is involved. It is crucial to properly follow-up and track all stages of each project. Lascom assists companies in due-dates observance with reporting tools.

The suite includes reporting tools able to turn data into dynamic charts to provide an effective overview of the project. Decision making is easier to manage.

Many graphs can be extracted from workflow to provide better management tools such as:

  • Task follow-up ; in charge participants analyse project advancement using repository data. As approvals are dated and named, responsabilities are tracked in case of non-compliance with the ordered project or in case of delays.
  • A report listing processes and user choices ; user knows about ongoing project stages, document author, comments, dates etc.
  • Documentary file; it provides exhaustive stage of distribution of documentation on a defined period of time.
  • Delays audit ; audits are classified by sub-contractor and specs.