Project management in the engineering sector: developments and challenges

Like the vast majority of lines of business, the engineering sector faces new challenges mostly related to costs optimization. In fact, harsh competition, global issues, raw material price increase, constraining regulations etc., are new challenges that need to be handled.


Engineering companies adapt to these new issues:

  • They understand that to maintain profitable margins they have to look globally and accept international contracts involving several international teams, subcontractors and sometimes co-working with global competitors
  • Work methods have to evolve to better adapt new projects and processes
  • New skills have to be acquired and new products and services have to be developed for new markets, such as renewable energy


These changes have an impact on the way engineering companies manage their infrastructure projects. Consequently, projects are affected by multi-level developments:

  • Economically – changes to resources due to companies mergers, globalization, and decrease margin
  • Consumption – consumers expect products and services designed around their individual need
  • Technologically – technical innovation, collaboration minded, consumers expected to be connected on the internet from everywhere on every device
  • Complexity: increased environmental-friendly project require a more accurate project management


Due to these changes, new operational challenges appear. There are linked to information flows management and document management that are more complex, equipment management and customers’ projects consolidation.

Therefore, their needs for project management is increasing. Moreover, they also want solutions to help them regarding their management and gather their best practices. Most of the companies from the engineering sector want to update their information system and acquire new skills.

Many engineering companies chose think project! France to help them handle these changes and challenges. Indeed, think project! France helps engineering companies to better manage documents and acquire new skills. With it, it is also easier to update the information system about ongoing and past projects.