LASCOM and think project! create a common venture with LASCOM AEC

A new PLM provider specializing in the AEC and engineering sectors will combine the expertise and technology of Lascom and think project!. The provider will be a new software company dedicated to AEC company and cross-enterprise collaboration.

San Diego, September 28, 2015 – LASCOM, the PLM software provider (Product & Project Lifecycle Management) and think project!, cross-enterprise collaboration specialist  in the AEC sector are creating LASCOM AEC that will be 100% focused on the AEC sector.

Lascom for several years now has launched a solution to help its customers in the changing and challenging environment of the AEC sector. Part of this solution is a considerable focus of its employees to understand the best practises and takeaways of the market.

This focus on the AEC market reaches a new step with the creation of LASCOM AEC, a joint venture with think project!. LASCOM AEC will be 100% focussed to PLM and cross-enterprise collaboration (CEC) in the AEC sector.

A new company focussed on PLM and CEC solutions for AEC sector

With a dedicated team and product strategy, LASCOM AEC will be the leading PLM provider for the AEC industry. Its solution is simplifying collaboration across the entire project life cycle and speeding-up new project creation through a multi-project approach. LASCOM AEC can boast of and unsurpassed set of blue chip references such as Vinci, EIFFAGE, ALSTOM, TECHNIP, SETEC, SGP, RATP…

LASCOM and think project! will create synergies in technology and international project business for construction and engineering in order to be the main contributor and opinion leader in the domain.


The new company is a LASCOM subsidiary who keep operational decisions. Lascom AEC will remain an independent company inside  think project! Group who owned 60%. Lascom AEC will keep its own brand and technology base.

It will be managed by the existing management consisting of Jean Louis Henriot as President and Sabine Noisette previously Customer manager Manager as Directeur General.

think project! Group generates more than 20 Mio. € of annual revenues and is the European market leader for cross-enterprise collaboration in the AEC sector. As a group member Lascom AEC can strengthen its leading position in the PLM and CEC market in France.

Jean Louis Henriot “ With think project joint venture we continue our product strategy of dedicated product for a market. Saas is a key engagement to our customer. With think project! , lascom AEC answer to the strategic need regarding collaborative solution in AEC sector. This sector is under a big revolution with the BIM.

Sabine Noisette With Lascom AEC, we are going to increase more and more our know how in construction companies, private and public asset owners as well as engineering companies. Think project joint venture will give us opportunities to set in place technical and business synergies.

Thomas Bachmaier “France is the second-largest economy in Europe with leading companies in construction and big clients. Entering the French market by entering Lascom AEC is a major cornerstone in the international growth strategy of think project!”, explains Thomas Bachmaier, CEO of think project! GmbH. “We are very confident that Lascom AEC will contribute to the Group’s continued growth and we plan double-digit growth in France in the coming years.”

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