Harbour, airport and railway infrastructures

Context and figures of harbour, airport and railway infrastructures

In Europe, infrastructures for harbours, airports and railways are used by several million passengers every year (66 million at the Roissy airport alone in 2016), in addition to freight and mail services.

This brick and mortar asset base and the adjoining facilities and infrastructures are changing constantly, undergoing building and infrastructure renovations, construction, facilities and line maintenance, etc.

Working to satisfy growing demand for goods and passenger transport and to keep pace with the competition, the companies managing these infrastructures have to build new lines, expand their already vast surface areas and minimise financial impact and environmental risk at the same time.

Operating and altering transport infrastructures over a very long time generates a massive volume of drawings, documents and information to file, trace and share with all providers in order to ensure a thorough knowledge of the facilities and infrastructures.

turnover of the global railway sector
passengers worldwide
tonnes of freight worldwide

Challenges for harbour, airport and railway infrastructures

For projects of this dimension, either for building new infrastructures or guiding them through changes, deadlines are often very tight. The whole challenge is to maximise passenger and goods volume and meet audit and safety imperatives as efficiently as possible, whilst minimising operating costs.

The success of projects of this magnitude depends on:

In-depth knowledge of the infrastructures

Immediate and thorough knowledge of all ongoing projects is capital (construction, renovations, maintenance, facilities, etc.).
Without that knowledge, security and accessibility cannot be guaranteed.
Consistency must also be ensured, to capitalise on methods used and redeploy know-how throughout the different sites and facilities.

Optimisation of works supervision

Works must be rolled out faster and managed better to minimise the impact of downtime in facilities and operating areas.
The work order process must be streamlined for works required to correct and change current infrastructures, and to build new ones (from work order to delivery, overseeing coordination between internal and external providers).

Collaboration and observance of all requirements

Collaboration among all actors inside and outside the company must be facilitated with all required confidentiality. Information must be centralised in one repository with the possibility of separating projects.
As the level of security is critical even when diverse actors are involved, access to sensitive data must be strictly codified and controlled.

Our PLM solution for harbour, airport and railway infrastructures

The complexity and critical nature of harbour, airport and railway infrastructures obligate the companies managing them to ensure that their software helps them to follow up accurately and share all documents, data and requirements with all actors and supervise all actions involving the facilities.

In addition to managing documents, they must oversee all the equipment (gates, signage, etc.), know where it comes from and where it is in the facilities, along with all documentation applying to that equipment, works undertaken and all traceability details with links to CMMS.

The PLM software that we have developed centralises and makes available all infrastructure data. The data is cumulative and capitalised on as it is used, reconsolidated in a unique repository accessible to all internal and external actors on restricted access code basis.

As this data is stored and structured in tree configurations, our software can analyse impacts of changes—for instance, when one piece of equipment breaks down, it detects where the problem could affect other factors. It also facilitates regulatory and audit follow-up with an all-encompassing view of the assets and total traceability of operations. The mass of information is immediately accessible and becomes dynamic and “intelligent” when interconnected.

The PLM solution of thinkproject France provides a complete history of the asset base, and full traceability of all actors and actions that affect the assets as they evolve. Thanks to its reporting and dashboard functions, the software consolidates all data in the repository to provide analytic views adapted to every need in following up works as they progress.

Our software thus assists engineers in charge of harbour, airport and railway infrastructures in optimising, planning and carrying out their projects, facilitating collaboration, reducing risk and safety problems while maximising profitability.

Key functions for harbour, airport and railway infrastructures

  • Sharing and tracking all documents and data within the repository
  • Collaboration of all internal and external stakeholders
  • Planning and monitoring of operations (works, maintenance …)
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Numerical continuity over time through capitalisation and consolidation of data
  • Management of analyses of the impacts of changes and modifications

Benefits for airport, port and airport infrastructure managers

Direct access to verified and unified information
No information retrieval
Internal and external collaboration cycle reduced by 70%
Automatic generation of deliverables
Optimised plant and equipment availability
Immediate identification of the impacts of changes
Monitoring of responsibilities and traceability of trades
Drastic reduction of errors
Guarantee of conformity of equipment
Time spent on quality controls reduced by 50%
Automating alerts and controls
Guarantee of safety and compliance with regulations
Follow-up of procedures
Accurate monitoring of project progress
Control of engineering and operating costs
Comparison of subcontractors and identification of delays in rendering
Planning new projects based on existing portfolio
Consolidation of project knowledge and feedback
Project launches accelerated by 30%
Digital continuity assured

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