EDMS, PLM and DMS for major infrastructure projects: return on experience

A few years ago, EDM (electronic data management) was considered as a necessary evil to share data within construction projects and infrastructures management. However, needs have evolved and a mere EDM is not longer sufficient.


Why did projects management evolved that way?

Large infrastructure projects’ market is changing because of new constraints. For instance, there are new laws, financial issues, traceability requirements, the necessity for a global overview over the whole life cycle (study, construction and operation), etc.

These evolutions increase projects’ complexity and the number of stakeholders. Consequently, major companies need to facilitate stakeholders’ access to data. Moreover, they also need to manage projects including complex processes and becoming increasingly large. Companies’ margin is not only linked to construction costs anymore but also to exploitation, maintenance and obsolescence management costs.

EDMS, PLM and DMS for large projects: feedbacks

Major infrastructure projects facing information management issues

Major infrastructure projects are characterised by significant technical and financial issues. The latter directly affect information management methods throughout the whole life cycle:

  • Projects involving several hundred million euros, up to €25bn
  • Long-term projects: lifecycles of 15 years or more.
  • Infrastructure engineering projects and maintaining operating performance in complex systems.
  • Large projects needing close collaboration among several players: Owner-operator/head contractor, project control, etc., requiring guaranteed top-level security.
  • Large-scale collaborations: from several dozen to more than 16,000 users, managing up to several TB of data.
  • High-risk projects (technically and financially), demanding traceability, a single corpus of information.
  • Multiple business processes.


Thanks to this guide, discover several concrete examples of EDMS, PLM and DMS use in major projects

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