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Scattered teams make project collaboration complicated

Collaboration is a critical phenomenon in organisational life. Collaboration is necessary yet many organizations struggle to make it work.

Companies of the AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) market sector manage multiple projects with many stakeholders.

Many corporations have difficulty controlling and sharing information with key stakeholders. This problem is exacerbated by distributed engineering and design teams, outsourced manufacturing, and third party supply chain networks. These organizations face significant challenges because they don’t have timely, accurate information. Design reuse becomes time consuming and part proliferation becomes common practice. In addition, these companies have no secure method to control, manage, and share intellectual property, which leads to millions of dollars in lost profits each year.

Project collaboration with subcontractor and suppliers without collaborative platform

Risks due to a complex organisation and poor collaboration lead to costly management. Obsolete information and non-compliance can result in delays or information loss.

poor project collaboration

Lack of project collaboration due to dispersed information

To address this problem, organisations have invested in isolated information management systems, which are rarely interconnected, require specialist training, and often contain duplicate data and documents. In addition, some of the most valuable information that companies possess about their project design processes is either not written down or is stored on individual computers.
This is not because there is an unwillingness to share but rather no suitable technology is available to serve as an adequate knowledge store. This lack of a centralised information repository reduces productivity, introduces errors, and greatly limits the ability of management to make informed decisions. It can also impact a company’s valuation as highly valuable knowledge assets are not secured and are often lost when key employees leave or retire.

Many retailers do not benefit from a centralised platform gathering all data and documentation about products. It results in several issues :

  • Large volume of paperwork and administrative tasks
  • Each department uses siloed information while developing, maintaining or optimising projects
  • Data are not sharp enough to meet local/global regulation’s requirements
  • Data are duplicated in many places throughout the lifecycle
  • Repetitive processes are manual and error-prone
  • Collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors is poor

thinkproject France supplier portal solution to enhance project collaboration

To better manage project collaboration, smooth and effective processes are crucial. Collaboration means develop, launch and monitor new and existing projects through a coherent and structured process where every participant involved is able to find the right information whenever needed.

In response, thinkproject France supplier portal module provides central access and control of all asset, project lifecycle and process information, thus enabling separate business groups to work collaboratively. thinkproject France supplier portal uses participants’ internet browser to empower authorised users to have access to critical asset or project technical data.

They can search, review, print initiate processes and ad-hoc reports. Depending on user profile, thinkproject France collaborative platform can create custom views of data, protecting proprietary information while giving sufficient information to get the job done.

Finally thinkproject France collaborative platform enables professionals to be more effective with their existing business processes by pushing the “right” information, to the “right” process stakeholders, at the “right” time in the process.

thinkproject France collaborative platform software components

At the core of the collaborative platform software is the document & information repository, which is used to manage all product related documents, data, and event information. Specifically, the repository role is to :

  • Secure project information and directory management

    Securely organise all project information and their inter-relationships while managing a project directory of all team members including sub-contractors

  • View structuration

    Structure views of the project information based on these inter-relationships: documents, projects, team members, contracts, predefined lists, etc.

  • Searches

    Enable information access through a sophisticated range of search & alerts

  • Secure access

    Allow users to create, reuse, and modify the information based on security access rights

  • Impact analysis

    Facilitate analysis of the information using advanced features such as comparisons, gap analysis, where-used, and impact-analysis

  • Audit

    Allow detailed auditing of all repository activity

Worflow for extensive collaborative platform

Through thinkproject France collaboration portal, professionals define powerful workflows that bring them maximum reactivity in project management.

Workflows are simple to create and can be easily modified to adapt to all necessary changes. thinkproject France collaborative portal workflow does not “freeze” the organisation of a given company but assist it in continuous improvement.

Among the major workflows thinkproject France supplier portal offers, participants can use :

  • Document validation and distribution
  • CAD Graphical layout conformance
  • Change management

Project collaboration to enhance exchange with subcontrators

Forecast lists

Majority of participants must provide documentation delivery schedule.Secure and coherent data are crucial to better evaluate delays and bottlenecks during the project. thinkproject France collaborative platform enables participants to create forecast lists to :

  • Faciliate forecast for each participant
  • Secure due dates in projects

Irregularity lists management

Irregularity lists management tool enables to create and follow-up irregularity lists. Feedbacks can be reviewed and corrective actions taken and optimized all along the projects and between projects.

Change management

During projects it is important to consider changes. thinkproject France collaborative platform offers effective change managent. Professionals can create change request, order and notification while seeing impacts. Through workflow alerts are distributed to in-charge participants to consider changes.

thinkproject France supplier portal benefits

User of thinkproject France supplier portal suite report from following benefits:

  • Brings team effect to a geographically dispersed team
  • Reduced and reliable document access time
  • Reduced risks and litigations with powerful audit trail and gap analysis
  • Provides decision support using management dashboards and performance metrics
  • Monitors project cost and profitability
organized project collaboration

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