Project Management

Project Management Trends

In order to meet the deadlines of every project, it is necessary to speed up decision making and approvals. This is not simply about document management system but about global information management. Projects mainly appear to consist of collaboration around documents, but complex information needs to be considered in project management. Tasks, sub contractors, milestones, pricing information, planning and bill of materials are important parts of project management.

Project Lifecycle Management can be difficult to handle. Project based companies such as utility providers, manufacturing plants, engineering companies or transportation system operators lack an effective project portfolio management solution that provides a holistic view of an infrastructure, asset, or project information and their interdependencies.

New trends include :

Public and private financing of infrastructure

The emphasis changes from optimizing the first cost to optimizing the lifecycle cost. This introduces the need for more efficiency in design and operation of the project with even more accurate monitoring and control.

Regulated Monopoly

Utilities and telecommunications companies, some of the biggest infrastructure owner operators, are going through unprecedented change. After all the mergers, acquisitions, disposals and business failures. In the last analysis they have the need to compete by working assets harder.

Local VS global

By definition, construction and engineering are local businesses. However, major infrastructure projects use international consortia to develop the intellectual property as the norm. Now this is extending to design re-use and the off-site assembly of sub-units.


The world-wide environmental lobby is having an increasing impact. Approval is more difficult to obtain and more of the community is active in reviewing and monitoring infrastructure projects..

Project Management Challenges

Project Information Management

The management of project information is a critical element and a key responsibility of the project manager; as it informs, educates, guides and

builds support for the project.

Project Information Management is specifically focused on managing the large volumes of information that is generated by a specific project. Any project will involve huge volumes of drawings, documents, and e-mails with multiple versions arising throughout the lifecycle of the project. Effectively managing project documentation has commercial and contractual implications.

During the project and following completion, easy access to drawings, documents, spreadsheets, certificates and emails represents a substantial asset, a key component in any Project Information Management solution.

Robust Project Information Management solutions provide a secure environment for all project communication. This ensures that all drawings, documents and correspondence can easily be accessed with a comprehensive audit trail. This allows organisations to create management reports, manage risk and make decisions more quickly and effectively.

thinkproject France Project Portfolio Management

thinkproject France project management software is a browser-based solution that cost-effectively manages all project information and key business processes across organisations.

thinkproject France project management software includes a repository structure. Information about projects is unique, accurate and automatically updated in real time. The platform also enables users to create a specific workspace for each project. Information is centralised and third party access is highly controllable through secure access rights.

At the core of thinkproject France project management software, a powerful feature eases new projects set up from existing project templates by defining:

  • Document structures and templates
  • Key users and roles
  • Business processes
  • Tasks, deliverables and milestones
  • Dashboards and metrics of the project

As projects evolve, maintaining a coherent “single version of the truth” is critical to performing gap assessments and impact analysis, as well as making key business decisions in the most efficient and effective manner. The project management software includes robust change management features, impact analysis, and reporting tools to assist professionals in project improvement.

Proper collaboration implies allowing people to share information electronically everywhere on earth, yet securely. Headquarters and subsidiaries must be able to access and input data and documents easily wherever they are, at any moment. The project management software provides users with a collaborative space to exchange information throughout scattered teams without information, documentation or data loss.

thinkproject France project management software is a unique business platform. It assists project manager with improving project management process through :

  • Greater document, data and information availability and accuracy
  • Costs reduction all along projects
  • Time to market reduction
  • Traceability improvement
  • Lower risks
  • Effective reporting tools to assist in project prioritization

Build on experience for future success

A successful knowledge management strategy identifies key leverage points essential to achieve business results. These often reside in core business processes that may be re-engineered to capitalise on and expand organisational knowledge resources and capabilities.

thinkproject France project management software is ideal to get feedback on methods, production processes, stakeholders’ roles or involvement level.

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