Operations and Configuration Management System

Operations management requires an effective configuration management

More and more systems are developed using components. There is a move from monolithic to open and flexible systems. In such systems, components are upgraded and introduced at run-time, which affects the configuration of the complete system. Keeping up-to-date information about which components are installed is a problem. Updating a component also affects the compatibility of the system through operations management. It is therefore important to keep track of changes introduced in the system. System configuration management is traditionally focused on the development phase, but when changes are introduced in systems at run-time and systems are component-based, a new discipline, component configuration management is required for proper operations management.

What is a configuration management?

Configuration management, as we know it today, started in the late 1960s. In the 1970s, the American government developed a number of military standards, which included configuration management. Later, especially in the 1990s, many other standards and publications discussing configuration management have emerged.

Configuration management is unique identification, controlled storage, change control, and status reporting of selected intermediate work products, product components, and products during the life of a system.

thinkproject France advanced configuration management feature for effective operations management

thinkproject operations management solution addresses complex products and system design. This is possible using its robust configuration management capabilities enabling the description of data structures that represent a project or a product, including assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts, documents, requirements, specifications, etc.

thinkproject France operations management solutions monitor the status and evolution of all phases of a system :

Knowing at all times the accurate composition of products, set baselines, and generate or track serialized items is essential in operations management.
thinkproject France operations management includes advanced configuration management functionality to help businesses :

The key points of thinkproject France configuration management technology are :

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