MRO and Maintenance Management

Proactive and timely infrastructure and facility maintenance management is critical to maximizing return on asset investments. However, industry analysts point out that “owners and operators of properties lose millions in top-line revenue and bottom-line profits because they cannot get critical facilities operational or renovated in a timely manner”. Maintaining asset availability and conformance to standards in an environment of constant change can be a significant challenge.

Over the past 10 years, the maintenance repair and operations (MRO) business has seen trade and revenues peak and trough as the industry has felt the effects of world economic and political ups and downs.

In the U.S. the MRO industry forecasts an annual growth rate of 4% throughout the decade, reaching a total of $76 billion in 2021. Largely driving this growth are the modifications, engine and component segments. Airframe heavy maintenance management will grow at a slower rate of 2.7%, due to new aircraft renewing the global fleet.

New markets are entering the MRO industry. China, for example, will see a $6.3 billion increase in MRO spend by 2021, compared with a $1 billion increase in North America.

jet engine during maintenance

MRO support and value

To sustain and increase system availability, MRO needs to ensure compliance of the “As-maintained” systems versus its optimised definition. Experience and feedback, linked to accurate information, will greatly improve control on logistic support data. MRO and Maintenance management will be able to respond consistently to request for change by processing them to maintenance teams and MRO systems.

Benefiting from robust maintenance management for critical systems and integrated logistics support :

  • Improve readiness for systems operating conditions: faulty critical equipment such as a grounded plane represents both financial cost and poor operating conditions
  • Anticipate system failures
  • Proactively track and replace components
  • Monitor overall status of operating conditions in systems
  • Streamline the technical event / problem report and a related corrective action treatment
  • Ensure availability and accuracy of documentation
  • Manage and share data and documentation in compliance with ASD standards (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) : S1000D, S2000M & S3000L

Challenges for maintenance management

Within this changing market the MRO industry faces a perpetual challenge to strike the optimum balance between minimising operating costs, maximising fleet availability and assuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

In striking this balance, MRO industry leaders will confront and overcome the following challenges :

thinkproject France MRO software as a dedicated solution for maintenance management

The increasing complexity of systems and proliferation of stakeholders requires a new generation of collaboration tools.
thinkproject France MRO software ensures consistency and reliability of all technical systems data. Teams can effectively share data and collaborate with customers and suppliers in accordance with industry standards such as PLCS, AECMA, ATA etc.

thinkproject France MRO software helps users to increase maintenance management through systems availability providing permanent control of configurations and changes. Impacts due to changes can be immediately analysed into the system and into related documents.

With an effective MRO solution and maintenance management, teams are able to:

  • Reduce maintenance management costs by fixing operational issues with early quality changes
  • Tracking and managing equipment locations, variances, dependencies, and setting information
  • Optimise systems and equipment availability
  • Improve collaboration. thinkproject France MRO software facilitates collaboration and information exchanges with all stakeholders, such as suppliers, contractors, and services organisations.
  • Ensure accurate documentation according to operating conditions
  • Centrally managing all asset data, documents, regulatory compliance, and change information and providing advanced decision support tools to enable more comprehensive analysis. Information captured in the Build phase is instantly available for Maintenance Management.
  • Prepare for change with early alerts. Managing change processes through where-used and impact analysis, and capturing asset variants, deviations, and work-arounds. Full change history and audit capabilities are also provided
  • Improve efficiency by reducing administrative workload time

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