Facilities and infrastructures management

Managing facilities and infrastructures for better industrial profitability

Production imperatives like innovation, speed to market, new regulations and more, have a direct impact on industrial facilities and infrastructures. Plants must be enlarged, equipment updated, production chains modified and new regulations applied (in environment, energy, security etc.).

Ensuring the reliability, certification and availability of  facilities is the key to infrastructure efficiency. Immobilising critical production assets coupled with delays in renovations cost enormous losses for industrialists.

Each facility must meet specific characteristics in order to safely interact with the entire industrial system. Those characteristics depend on a number of actors with different roles. Working on those infrastructures requires the collaboration of every actor involved to determine how and what to change or improve, what the limitations are, and how to bring the whole ensemble into play.


The example of a nuclear power plant :

km of pipes
km of cables
m3 of concrete

Dedicated industry software to manage facilities and infrastructures

thinkproject meets these challenges by ensuring that all facilities and infrastructures digitally represented and viewable. This solution centralises all data, documents and information related to your industrial facilities and infrastructures, detailing all components, how they change over time and any modifications carried out.

Managing facilities with our software guarantees the security, reliability and real-time updating of all relative information and documentation by facility, in synch with CMMS. At all times, you can access the history of each decision and component associated with industrial facilities and infrastructures.

thinkproject France helps industrial facility and infrastructure managers with :

  • Supervision and compliance of facilities through vetting and approval processes
  • Collaboration and communications company-wide
  • Modification processes to ensure traceability of all operations, impact studies on facilities and related documentation
  • Viewing drawings enabling comments by all concerned actors without using CAD
  • Overview of all facilities with indicators monitoring operations, availability and associated projects
  • Proactive alarm and intervention systems for periodic monitoring of facilities and newly added infrastructures

think poject! Frances benefits for facility and infrastructure management

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