Engineering change management

Engineering change management

ECR is a critical part of keeping product development on track and making sure product information is accurate. Project lifecycle management consists of adapting to an evolving environment and information changes. It is also important to be able to track these changes and create reusable versions. A good ECR contains the full description, analysis, cost and impact of a change, and a good ECR process ensures that all stakeholders have bought in to the change. Having an organized method of handling product changes reduces potential design, manufacturing and inventory errors, minimizes development delays and makes it easy to get input from different departments, key suppliers and contract manufacturers.

Ease the engineering change management process

thinkproject France suite integrates engineering change management to help customers to easily follow all changes from the point of request through to implementation. Each engineering change request (ECR), engineering change proposal (ECP), engineering change order (ECO), engineering change notification (ECN) is linked to an engineering change folder and automatically impacts configurations after validation.

Engineering change requests can be made with full traceability while identifying global impact of the change. The impact of the change can be validated for functionality and interchangeability.

From engineering change request to the applicable configuration, process is managed through the engineering change management module to ensure the reasons for the change and the approval process are recorded.

engineering change management

Engineering change management

Sectors such as civil engineering, telecom, transportation or energy often use mission-critical systems that are highly complex. The technical issues and problem reports need to be managed to a very high standard; therefore engineering change management must include very thorough traceability.

BOM management and problem reports

Grounded aircraft, equipment failure, expired effectivity date are significant issues that require fast and efficient action. thinkproject France includes a BOM management feature to assist managers in technical issues resolution through the ECR process by:

  • Identifying impacted elements with real time impact analysis
  • Supporting documents management. To better understand a problem statement, documents are recorded for each technical fact

Facilitating ECR and BOM management review. Through a forum where technical facts are discussed, users are able to track operations and manage the implementation of corrective procedures

ECR process

The engineering change management process can simply follow the natural progress from an engineering change request to its notification. Each engineering change request, proposal, order and notification is linked to a file of changes and this automatically updates the repository after validation.

Thus, from engineering change request to engineering change notification, thinkproject France suite through effective BOM management creates a folder composed of all changes made and helps :

  • Track changes from engineering change request to engineering change notification through amendments suggestions
  • Provide powerful analysis functions (use cases, impact analysis on applicable documents, results simulation etc.)
  • Prioritisation of change request and effectivity dates
  • Impact management
  • Documents management
  • To manage actions and requests for instructions
  • Automatic configuration update

Control of industrial processes and BOM management

During these critical phases, thinkproject France software provides BOM management of all industrial processes either in terms of cost or time.
thinkproject France enables teams to control and track all actions made by stakeholders with a comprehensive view of the environment and effectively manage engineering changes request, proposal, order and notification. It is essential to benefit from a robust BOM software to proficiently handle change management.

Exhaustive functional scope

Fundamentally, BOM software benefits from an impact overview and a certain traceability. thinkproject France engineering change management provides comprehensive functions for managing changes and ensuring traceability. Users benefit from a global and accurate view of their systems at all times (including sub-systems and their changes).

Equipment management

Equipment management is one ofthe essential elements of quality
management system. Proper equipment management in
civil engineering is necessary to ensure accurate, reliable, and timely
projects. BOM software ensures equipment change management including, proposal, change, impacts and traceability to optimize projects.

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