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About think project! France, formerly Lascom AEC

a 360° view of your data and process projects

Software developper

think project! France is 100% focused to PLM, CDE (Common Data Environment) and cross-enterprise collaboration (CEC) in the AEC sector. It assists customers with business processes involving documents, projects and industrial asset.

Advanced PLM and CDE solutions

This advanced PLM and CDE solution supports project based companies to more effectively manage :

– Information complexity

– Change

– Risk

Project lifecycle

think project! France is simplifying collaboration across the entire project lifecycle and speeding-up new project creation through a multi-project approach. think project! France can boast of a set of blue chip references.

New solutions for AEC companies

think project! France provides a new generation of EDC and PLM solutions for AEC companies and contributes to develop their businesses strategically.

CDE software : A 360° view of information flows

CDE and PLM : contact think project! France

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